Welcome and Why This Course Is For You Even If You Don't Have a Dog

Welcome to your Course about How To Hire a Great Dog Trainer Without Mistaking Marketing for Mastery.

I created this course because I realized that most people don't know how to choose the best person for the job when when it comes to training their dogs. This course shows you exactly how to do that.

Properly trained dogs benefit everyone.

Poorly behaved dogs can be a nuisance to their owners and to others.

Whether or not you have a dog, or think you need a dog trainer, sooner or later you will know someone who does. My goal for you in this course is to transform you into a reliable resource for people less informed. Good intentions do not always translate into good advice. However, good information does.

My name is Marilyn Mele and I've been training dogs for other people most of my life. I've listened to their concerns about their dogs. What I hear them telling me is that they love their dogs and they just want to be able to enjoy them. They want a trainer who can give them a dog they can enjoy!

The only thing worse than having no trainer at all for a dog who needs one, is having a bad trainer. An investment in a dog trainer can be really expensive-hundreds of dollars at least. A bad investment is a waste of your money. But worse than that, it's a waste of precious time in a dog's development. A bad trainer can cause damage that may take a very long time to repair.

Hire the best in the first place. You'll end up spending less and getting more for your money.

Hiring a great professional dog trainer is no different from hiring any other professional. You'll need to be clear about your criteria, ask the right questions and know how to spot warning signs of potential problems.

And once you know this stuff, you won't forget it!

A little bit about me...

I've always been fascinated with dogs, how they learn, and how they behave. I started training dogs as a child and never grew tired of it! I trained my own dogs in performance sports, and finished championship titles on dogs that I bred. Four of my dogs have worked, or are now working as Therapy Dogs. For nearly four decades I have helped clients train their pet dogs to be the best companions they could be. And since 2010, I have helped qualified individuals and families train Service Dogs to assist them with specific personal needs.

I am familiar with most breeds and have worked with dogs of all sizes and personalities. I love watching the bond between people and their dogs grow within a positive learning environment.

A great dog trainer facilitates a wonderful and memorable learning experience for dogs and people. My purpose is to help people find their own Great Dog Trainer.

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