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Why do Puppies Need Boundaries?

If you want to raise a puppy that is calm, confident and reliable, then teach him boundaries and be consistent in enforcing them. Establish your House Rules. Puppies are like toddlers. They need constant supervision. They need a schedule so that they can learn to understand and meet your...


How to Train a Dog to Behave Using Grandma's Psychology

Doing Things Grandma's Way When we were younger we learned how to make responsible choices by first doing something boring or less interesting in order to get what we really wanted. "First eat your vegetables and then you can have dessert." Grandma's psychology was always to sweeten the...


Housebreaking Your Puppy - How to Get It Right the First Time

Figuring out how to get housebreaking done right the first time can be confusing. There are so many opinions and methods coming at you from family, friends, social media, and self-proclaimed experts that you might be tempted to try something different every day. What you need is a proven...